The Study (cont.)

Two large couches framed a sturdy, ornate desk positioned just before a cathedral window at the back of the room, giving way to a breathtaking view of the gardens behind the house. The curtains were drawn, though, their imposing weight trapping the smell of stale incense and burning wax. On the desk, there appeared to … Continue reading The Study (cont.)

The Study

Mr. Leonard’s study was a lavish and chaotic spectacle. Wine colored satin wing-back chairs with brass tacks and mahogany trim, filled with teetering stacks of moldy books and loose papers. Floor to ceiling oak bookcases covered each of two opposing walls, thick volumes of all manner of subjects haphazardly discarded back to the shelves in … Continue reading The Study

Where is Mr. Leonard?

"Helloooo?"Janie's pinched voice echoed through the grand entry.This wasn't the first time Mr. Leonard had forgotten their appointment. Frankly, Janie was becoming quite annoyed with his absent-mindedness. She pulled back her sleeve to check the time on her watch, gave it a couple of quick taps, and let out a heavy sigh. They were always … Continue reading Where is Mr. Leonard?